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Eira’s Dream

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Our mission statement at Eira’s Dream includes not only providing shelter and finding loving homes for ferrets in need but also raising public awareness about factory farming methods and the illnesses that they cause.


Ferrets that are bought at most national pet stores are factory farmed. This means that they are spayed/ neutered at only three days old. Having ferrets desexed at such an early age causes an imbalance of hormones and  adrenal disease.

These ferrets are also more likely to have insulinoma and other cancers due to the standard practices used in factory farming, as a result extensive veterinary care is often needed for numerous ferrets. Many owners are unable to devote the time and money needed to treat these illnesses, consequently shelters are full of ferrets in need of medical care and loving homes.  These shelters are usually ill-prepared to deal with this constant demand of caring for these loving animals.   This is where Eira’s Dream steps in.



Treating these diseases is often an unexpected expense for owners and requires a specialized veterinarian who treats exotic animals.

Eira’s Dream would like to be able to assist in helping owners pay for the veterinary care of at risk ferrets through grants, fundraising, and donations.



This is why Eira’s Dream needs your support in our fundraising efforts.

There is a real need for Eira’s Dream. By combining our efforts with Oscar’s Cause ( another 501 c3 nonprofit organization) we are reaching out to our community in the hopes of helping these, often overlooked, pets.  Together we can make a difference for these playful animals that need our help.

Any donation  is greatly needed and appreciated.


Thank you,

Kara Sanford

Robert Williams



Ferret Rescue

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